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Our team at Taplow Singapore believes that every assignment is a collaborative process that involves thoroughly understanding and anticipating the hiring manager’s needs. We do not begin a search only when the request comes, we are always on the move connecting and creating opportunities for talents and clients. 

In today’s borderless global environment, the recruitment landscape is filled with challenges and an organisation’s ability to recruit skilled talent is a determinant of its business growth success.

Taplow Singapore helps you to convert passive candidates into quality applicants. We strive to be an extension of your employer branding strategy by ensuring that the candidate’s experience throughout the recruitment process is maintained at a high-desired standard.



We are a committed player in the HR marketplace. We strive for a reputation for strong industry specific knowledge, versatile search ability and outstanding candidate care.



We aim to help our clients prosper, build long term relationships and add value to their recruitment process by providing the right talent to fulfil their organisations’ goals.



Our consultants come with professional experience and specialisation in their respective business segments and disciplines. We understand our clients’ needs to add value to their organisations. 





Our expertise is wide and varied, with particular expertise within:


  • Power, Energy & Utilities
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial and Building Automation
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor & Manufacturing
  • Building & Construction


  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing


  • Board Executives
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

Code of Ethics

We believes in equal opportunity for all – regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, nationalities or religion. The staffing policies and practices for our organisation, our clients and candidates are fully non-discriminatory.

Executive Search

Our core expertise is Executive Search. We partner our clients to get the Right Hires for their organization through Proactive searches. Our thorough search process starts by having a good understanding of our clients’ business and market focus, the specific experience and competencies needed to meet their business objectives, and the culture of the organization. With these understandings, we will focus and be creative in targeting the right pools of candidates that can bring values to our clients.

With a team of industry segment and functional focused researchers and consultants, who are the subject matter experts, we reach out to all relevant candidates. Our team, equipped with current in-depth market knowledge and strong professional network, is able to recommend the Right candidates for our clients. The Right candidates will have the ability to share similar vision with our clients and be an asset to the organization.

Our clients value us for our industry expertise, valuable insight, honest advice and commitment to the success of both clients and candidates.


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